Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mourning this morning....

In 1984, a group called Citizens for the Republic produced one of the most famous television campaign ads ever. It was called "It's morning in America..." and was done for the re-election campaign of Ronald Reagan.

That same organization has produced a new commercial, and it's called "Mourning in America..." Here 'tis:

And here's the original:

You can't make this stuff up....

From the SITP "No Kidding" Department: Carl Paladino does not like Sheldon Silver. In fact, he appears to like him even less than he does Andy Cuomo.

So when Mr. Silver stated that he would move out of the state if Mr. Paladino won the gubernatorial election, Mr. Paladino, ever the gentleman, facilitated the move by buying Mr. Silver a ticket on Amtrak from Albany to Washington.


Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a wild ride...

September 16, 2010

My Dear Fellow Patriots;

There can no longer be any way to spin it otherwise - the tea party movement is poised to force a paradigm shift in American politics.

The primary election results Tuesday night were, in a word, shocking. We saw outsider candidates upset party regulars not only with the trouncing of RINO Mike Castle in Delaware by underdog Conservative Christine O'Donnell, but here in New York we saw outsider Carl Paladino destroy the candidacy of the anointed mainstream Republican, Rick Lazio.

And right here on Staten Island, the man who was NOT the choice of the party bosses, Michael Grimm, garnered 69% in the district, which includes all of Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn. On Staten Island alone he earned 73% of the vote. Grimm's victory was so stunningly lopsided that it could only be interpreted as a complete repudiation of politics as usual.

If you needed any further proof that the tea party movement is not married to a party, Tuesday night's butt-kicking of the Republican establishment should have provided all the proof you could ever need.

Now my question is this: what are you going to do about it? What can I do to convince you that making a real difference this November is going to take more than your emotional support, and more than simply your vote? In order to create real change you must provide your candidate with the one thing that is as vital to him as the air he breathes, and without which he can never win the battle against his opponent this fall. And no, I am not talking about your money, though he needs that, too - I am talking about your time and effort.

Taking back America will take work. Real work. Are you ready, willing and able to roll up your sleeves? I know we are not all capable of devoting a lot of time - we have lives to live, families to feed and jobs to keep. But when working for a candidate the hours are flexible, the chores are varied - and the payoff just might be the restoration of our country.

You can man a phone bank or pass out literature on your block. You can stuff envelopes or distribute lawn signs. You can do something.

You can also tell me that your vote is all you can give. What I'd ask you to think about, though, is what can be accomplished when you contribute a few hours of your time and leverage your one vote into ten votes, or twenty votes or a hundred votes. That is how elections are won.

If you have recognized that we have reached a crossroads in America, if you are ready to work for change, please contact me. Time is short and the hours are long - but the moment is now. I got off my couch one afternoon about 18 months ago and started on a journey to make a difference. I'll be gone as long as it takes. You come too.

Yours in Liberty,

Frank Santarpia
Staten Island, NY

UPDATE: A NY Post poll has Carl Paladino pulling to within 6 points of the once heavily-favored Andrew Cuomo.