Thursday, August 19, 2010


Nancy Pelosi, who once called ordinary folks in the tea party movement Nazis - because they dared to demonstrate against the ruling class who would run our lives - has decided that a proper role of government is to investigate dissent.

In calling for a probe of those who protest the location of the Cordoba House - a Muslim community center and mosque to be built in the shadow of Ground Zero - Ms. Pelosi has shown a tone-deafness that is almost beyond description, but is sadly typical of the entire Obama administration.

However, on a positive note, it does rip the mask off this regime's true feelings about about just what the limits of free speech ought to be in their Bizarro-world.

Here is Pelosi's statement in a radio interview yesterday:

There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded, how is this being ginned up...?

Ms. Pelosi, I am guilty. I have ginned. I have not, however, been funded. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be sending out an invoice?

Yes, I was guilty of exercising my right to free speech - a.k.a. "ginning" - when I wrote that I believed the construction of the Cordoba House in lower Manhattan was insensitive, insulting and provocative. What is the penalty for opposing a project, policy or piece of legislation an American citizen finds abhorrent? I await my sentence.

I also await my check. Since I somehow missed the offer to fund my ginning-up activities, I feel that is is only right that I be reimbursed as soon as possible. And while you're at it, can I please get paid for my tea party activities? I work very hard to lay this astroturf, Ms. Pelosi, and if I'm going to be accused of being funded by various - and nefarious - right-wing cabals, should I not see at least some of this money? Right-wing, radical, racist, I've-got-mine Nazis like to take their wives to dinner, too.