Monday, March 22, 2010

A Statement by the Staten Island Tea Party

With the passage of the health care reform bill, the United States Congress took an extraordinarily reckless first step on the path to socialized medicine, and set the stage for a federal takeover of 1/6th of the American economy.

In doing so, Democrats in Congress who voted for this bill showed their contempt for the public by ignoring the wishes of the majority of the American people, who told them not only with the election of Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts, but in poll after poll, that this bill was too large in scope, too intrusive on our personal liberties, and simply too expensive.

Instead of achieving the noble goal of bringing affordable health insurance to additional millions of Americans through the application of traditional American ideals, such as free markets, innovative thinking and competition, Democrats have signaled a new era in America - an era in which United States citizens will find themselves dependent for their very lives upon government agencies and bureaucrats to a degree never before seen in the history of this great country.

This bill will ultimately result in the degradation of the greatest healthcare system in the world, and eventually make it impossible for private insurers to remain viable. Its goal is to eventually saddle us with the single-payer system President Obama has so often said he believes in and supports, and yet has been a failure wherever in the world it is implemented.

This bill is a power grab that has only a passing acquaintance with the rule of law, little to do with health care, and everything to do with an expansion of the reach of the federal government into our lives far beyond those powers enumerated by the United States Constitution.

This bill will add a trillion dollar entitlement to an economy that is already groaning under the weight of extraordinary debt - a debt so large that is almost impossible for us to grasp, incurred by massive spending without regard to the burden it will place on American taxpayers for generations to come. This unprecedented debt had put our credit rating at risk even before the passage of this bill, and so we are now put in much greater, imminently catastrophic, fiscal jeopardy.

This bill mandates that every person born in the United States must purchase insurance under the threat of fine, imprisonment, or both. Those who write and pass such laws cannot be said to truly understand the concept of individual liberties, and it seems incredible to think that they can in fact appreciate what it is to be free – indeed, the likelihood is that they no longer care.

This bill was purchased with backroom bribes and deals that would put any businessman, banker or broker behind bars for the rest of his natural life, and this despicable display causes the American people ask themselves if they want any laws to be created under such circumstances. The answer to that question is most obviously no; yet, deaf to the will of the people, Democrats will soon make this horribly flawed legislation the law of the land.

This bill, at the moment it is signed by the President, will signal the beginning of the end of the greatest health care system in the world, and it will show us the true and ugly face of the change that our President promised us as a candidate. Whatever we thought that might be, it has turned out to be a radical shift in the relationship of the government to the people. With arrogance and disregard for our Constitutionally-mandated liberties, these elitists are telling us once again that they know better than we how to run every aspect of our own lives.

In November of this year, we will see if this is indeed the change that voters wanted or expected.