Monday, March 8, 2010

To the Gallows.

America is slowly being marched to the gallows. Step by agonizing step, this administration and its complicit Congress is leading our country to a crossbeam, a noose and a trapdoor.

It is sometimes surreal to watch, isn't it? I keep thinking that someone will come forward to stop this unnecessary tragedy - after all, it is not being accomplished through stealth or deceit, it is happening in plain sight of the entire world.

The Democratic Party is inexplicably and blindly following its radical President into strange, uncharted, and extra-Constitutional territory. For their part, the Republican Party seems ineffectual, at times even complacent, and in any event often appears too weak and damaged to mount a strong defense. It seems now that only the Tea Party movement, the great silent majority, has any hope of bolstering the opposition to the Obama administration and halting our country's seemingly inevitable slide into oblivion.

Like our founding fathers, we too make an appeal to heaven; but we must do more. We must appeal to the hearts and minds of our neighbors and friends. We can work hard to fix what is becoming broken in America, we can help to right the wrong, we can educate and inform. We can, at least in the short term, use our voices, and finally our vote, to rebuild our great country.

November looms. The last, best chance of America rests with a single election; we will either cast off a Democratic Party that has become blind to the principles that made America great, or we will condemn ourselves to generations of debt and darkness, wherein free Americans will be at first a fond memory, then a distant one, then a relic to be gradually forgotten.

But we can win. We can take the country back - the country for which our fathers fought and bled and died. We can recapture an America that believes in the paramount importance of individual liberties, an America comprised of citizens who recognize and honor the natural rights bestowed upon us by our Creator, and who recognize that NO rights can be conferred upon us by any government. An America of pioneers, entrepreneurs, risk-takers and patriots. An America of men and women who want to work hard and keep what they've earned, and make the best life they can for their families without apology and without guilt.

We want to once again be a country in which the government exists only to ensure a level playing field - not to own and control it.

In November we can smack the Democratic Party - hard, Cagney-style. Once, twice, three times, and keep smacking until they come to their senses and cast off the mantle of hard-left Progressivism that has so damaged both their party and their country - and so angered those who remember what America is supposed to be, and who refuse to forget it.

So let's rouse ourselves, let's use all the strength and will at our disposal. Let's pay attention. Let's vow to make a difference. Let's talk to our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers. Let's support the candidates who support the Constitution.

November seems like a long way off. It is not. Start rolling up your sleeves, because we have much work to do.