Monday, March 15, 2010

America’s Slow Descent Into Insanity: Part 13,457

The incident eventually came to be known as “The Boston Massacre.” It happened on March 5th of 1770, and history buffs will remember that the British officers and soldiers charged with murder in that case were defended in court by nascent Founding Father John Adams.

Mr. Adams, later to become our second President, was vilified by fellow Bostonians for his spirited defense - which was ultimately successful for 6 of the 8 accused. Naturally, anyone defending the despised “lobster-backs” would become unpopular in colonial bean-town, and indeed Adams’ law practice suffered badly after the trial. Still, Adams considered his legal performance to be "one of the most gallant, generous, manly, and disinterested actions of my whole life, and one of the best pieces of service I ever rendered my country."

How ironic that those who chose to defend Gitmo terrorists called themselves “The John Adams Project,” since what they have done goes far beyond mere "defense." John Adams may have been many things, but traitor was not one of them.

Yes, I know that branding these attorneys as anything less than noble is to incur a firestorm of criticism from the left: I’m beyond caring. When our Congress can use stealth, manipulation, fraud and illegal rules to create new law by fiat, of what importance is a bit of inelegant language?

The men who defended the Gitmo terrorists acted in a manner that I consider to be traitorous, and that they are now part of Obama’s Holder-led Department of Justice is a travesty of the highest order.

Andrew McCarthy, prosecutor of the Blind Sheik responsible for the first Trade Center bombing and writer for National Review Online, asks the question: What’s a modern day John Adams to do? He answers:

Why, hire private investigators to take surveillance photos of CIA agents and hand them off to other latter day Adamses, who then showed them to top members of al Qaeda — thereby identifying for the terrorists the agency's interrogators and, potentially, tipping the terrorists off to the locations where the agents' families live. [snip]

Actually, I would call the enterprise — just for starters — a wartime felony violation of the federal law barring disclosure of the identities of U.S. intelligence officers, as well as a wartime felony violation of the espionage act, which prohibits, among other things, obtaining national defense information with reason to know it will be used to the injury of the United States (including taking and using photographs "of anything connected with the national defense").

In the Washington Times, Bill Gertz has more…[t]o summarize, a cabal of the enemy's volunteer lawyers, led by the ACLU and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and calling itself the "John Adams Project," is alleged to have hired investigators who staked out CIA agents believed (no doubt based on classified discovery in the detainee court cases) to have been interrogators.

The investigators snapped pictures of the CIA agents — in some instances, apparently, in the vicinity of their homes where they reside with their families — and gave them to the lawyers, who, in turn, got them to other members of the Gitmo Bar (including at least some military lawyers) who showed them to top al Qaeda detainees, enabling them to identify the CIA agents.

The scandal was uncovered because there are a lot of the photos and they've evidently been circulating around the detention camp, so some were discovered and seized by military guards... [snip]

In any event, look on the bright side: No matter what happens to this investigation, the Left's lawyers now have photos they can use for the reckoning Holder promised against the Bush administration. Anyone doubt that the Center for Constitutional Rights, among other modern John Adamses, will try to use the photos to buttress its efforts to get some foreign tribunal to charge the CIA and Bush officials with "torture" and other war crimes?

Debra Burlingame writes in today’s Wall Street Journal:

We obtained Justice Department accounts of some of those incidents under a Freedom of Information Act request. Examples included an incident in which a lawyer sent his detainee client the transcript of a virulently anti-American speech that compared military physicians to Joseph Mengele, the Nazi doctor of Auschwitz, called DOJ lawyers "desk torturers" and suggested that the "abuses carried out by U.S. forces at Abu Ghraib . . . could involve the President in the commission of war crimes.

Other incidents listed in the FOIA material included: a lawyer who was caught in the act of making a hand-drawn map of a detention camp's layout, including guard towers; a lawyer who sent a letter to his detainee client telling him that "we cannot depend on the military to do the right thing" and conveying his message of support to other detainees who were not his clients; lawyers who posted photos of Guantanamo security badges on the Internet; lawyers who provided news outlets with "interviews" of their clients using questions provided in advance by the news organization; and a lawyer who gave his client a list of all the detainees.
Patently despicable – but surprising? Of course not. This is the Obama Administration we’re talking about. And the Eric Holder Department of Justice. Are you shocked to know that 7 of these attorneys are now Holder hires, and are working on, get ready for it...detainee cases? Holder refuses to identify them or their jobs, but it really doesn’t matter.

America’s descent into madness continues, but American outrage grows.

The Left is racing to the finish line now, but to get there they’ll have to come through me – and you.