Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Insanity Must End

I think I lack the writing ability needed to describe the range of emotions I’ve been experiencing in the last 48 hours or so; starting about the time Senator Nelson sold his vote to Harry Reid.

I’m probably having so much difficulty because what I’ve been seeing and hearing is so remarkably alien to me. It’s like a poorly constructed plot line from a bad novel – you know, the kind you stop reading because it’s just too improbable.

Well, the highly improbable seems to be happening right before our eyes; I can scarcely believe that this isn’t a nightmare from which I’ll eventually awaken - sweaty, but none the worse for wear. But I am not asleep, and this is not a dream.

It seems that what couldn’t be accomplished in 233 years by the mightiest armies in the world - the subjugation of the American people and their Constitution - is being accomplished by a Chicago punk and a radical Democrat Congress.

The reality of what we’ve actually been witnessing has become abundantly clear after the 60 majority members of the Senate, in the wee hours of Monday morning, voted to shut down debate on the federal takeover of 17 percent of the economy. It is nothing less than the non-violent shackling of the citizens of the United States by their own government.

It is the shredding of the Constitution by those who have sworn to protect it.

The final indignity was an insult to our intelligence known as the Reid amendment. That’s the one that, among other things, bought off Ben Nelson by agreeing that Nebraska would be indemnified against all Medicare increases caused by the bill in perpetuity!

Now, mind you, that’s not the Senators’ money we’re talking about here – it’s your money and mine.

See how this works? If you or I were to try to bribe a public official we’d obviously be breaking the law and would wind up in jail, but at least we’d be using our own money in the attempt. If you’re the Senate Majority leader, not only are you not prosecuted – you don’t even have to foot the bill for the bribe. The suckers will pick up the check.

The unmitigated effrontery of it leaves me breathless. The sheer insanity of it has me spinning.

And now comes news that there are provisions in the bill that would illegally change Senate rules – making it virtually impossible for the new law to be repealed or changed. This is what is meant by the tyranny of the majority.

The more I think about it the angrier I get. The reaction to this abomination should transcend party lines – lovers of America, of any political denomination, should be decrying this legislation for the constitution-killing piece of socialist dogma that it is. What we get instead are lies, spin and distortions, which they really don't care if we buy into it or not. Such is the level of their arrogance.

You know what? We’ll take a break to celebrate Christmas, we’ll let the New Year ring in, we’ll let the House/Senate conference make their changes – none of which will be able to prevent this bill from being a complete disaster - and then we'll pick a date and we will hit the streets.

Maybe I’ll be by myself. Maybe there’ll be a hard core of a hundred or two joining me. And maybe, just maybe, there will be thousands of you out there - because there damn well should be.

So go dig out your thermal underwear, your ski caps and your woolen socks.

It could be cold on New Dorp Lane.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Contempt of Congress

When pollster and pundit Pat Caddell was asked recently why our elected officials seem to ignore the will of American citizens, his response was that Congress has “nothing but contempt for the very people they are supposed to represent.”

Sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? Surely, the good men and women of the United States Senate and House of Representatives have faults and make mistakes, but do they have “contempt” for their constituents?

Or, perhaps, is it merely that they see us as sheep; a flock of tiresome animals, possessing a bleating sameness, unable to determine what is really best for ourselves and our families, and incapable of making rational decisions about our own future?

Indeed, given the scope of recent legislation – all designed to take whatever decision-making autonomy we might have had out of our own hands and place it into theirs – it’s hard to dispute that they view themselves as our shepherds.

Here is what's in store now, or in the very near future, and in no particular order: they will tell us how much we can pay our executives; they will tell us what kind of cars we can drive; they will enslave us to the religion of global climate change; they will tell our bankers to whom they should lend money and on what terms; they will control the air you breathe by EPA fiat; they will tell your doctor how much he will earn and what treatment he may provide to you; they will force you to buy a product you may not need or want; they will usurp the majesty and wisdom of your creator and re-define the rights with which you were endowed – and worst of all, they will render impotent the ink and parchment we call the Constitution of the United States of America, making it an archaic relic of a glorious, but distant, past.

Caddell is right – it is contempt. When government elites pass, or attempt to pass against our will, various pieces of legislation that are so radical, so antithetical to our free market, capitalist roots, what else can we call it?

I find myself wondering what the breaking point will be for the American people, when it will come, how it will manifest itself.

And in my nightmares, I find myself wondering if there is a breaking point for the American people, or are we going to allow ourselves to be, like sheep, herded and penned up, oblivious to our fate, powerless to prevent the slaughter of our rights and the butchering of our future as free Americans.

We have always believed that we could never be defeated, that no foe could steal our liberty, that no army could bend our will, that we would know freedom not only for the rest of our lives, but for the lives of our children and grandchildren, and for future generations as of yet undreamed.

Today that is not so certain - so insidious has this radical administration and complicit Congress proven to be.

In April of 1775, when the shots rang out by the rude bridge in Concord, Massachusetts, the people of America knew they were at war and must fight to defend their freedoms.

In December of 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the people of America knew they were at war and must fight to defend their freedoms.

In September of 2001, as the towers fell, the people of America knew they were at war and must fight to defend their freedoms.

Now, as the first year of the Obama Administration draws to a close, our Constitution has come under assault by our own government - and even though no musket was fired, no bombs were dropped, and no buildings destroyed, once again the people of America must realize that we are at war.

And once again, we must fight to defend our freedoms.

Friday, December 4, 2009