Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swamp Replaces Dump to Assault Our Nostrils.

We don’t generally get involved in local politics, but this is too much.

Those of you in Republican Jim Oddo’s 50th Council District – you know who you are – should be aware that he has accepted the endorsement of the Working Families Party, a coalition of ACORN, SEIU and other community activist organizations.

This “party,” besides having been accused of numerous campaign violations, and dirty dealings involving its for-profit company Data and Field Services, hardly represents the principals one would expect a Republican elected official to espouse; that they would offer Councilman Oddo their endorsement, and that he would accept it, can only be described as bizarre. It reeks mightily of quid pro quo.

So, while the country is focused on national politics and the healthcare debate, Councilman Oddo has quietly waded deep into the Staten Island political swamp; a festering, stinking amalgam of rotting cross-endorsements, murky deals, and, well, inbreeding.

As a Republican/Conservative, I always thought it absurd to have a Borough President - himself a Conservative - actively campaigning for a Liberal Democrat in a Congressional race. Did Big Jim not realize that Mike McMahon would not only bring home the bacon, but that he'd be part of the cabal to shove it down our throats as well? I guess we can't all look at the big picture, especially when doling out the goodies is what it takes to get you re-elected to yet another term.

Well, our Borough President no longer swims alone.

By accepting the endorsement of the Working Families Party, Oddo is effectively thumbing his nose at, and making fools of, the loyal base of GOP voters in his mid-Island district. That’s right - we now have a Republican Councilman who shares a soiled mattress with a party that's synonymous with ACORN and SEIU, the poster children of election fraud, hooliganism and intimidation. In fact, the WFP shares offices in Brooklyn with the ACORN group that turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to prostitution and sexual slavery, and is now under investigation by the Brooklyn DA's office.

Strange bedfellows, right? No, not the WFP and ACORN - the WFP and Oddo.

It’s hard to believe that he would take informed Island Republicans for granted that way – but that’s just what he’s done. He thinks he has his Republican/Conservative base locked up, and that they wouldn’t consider voting for any Democrat opponent he may face - so the swamp of Staten Island politics just gets a little deeper, and Councilman Oddo is the one doing the digging.

I mean, if he doesn't think you're well-informed, what does that mean he does think? That you're dumb? Or ignorant?

Well, Jimmy, there are Republicans who can look past the end of their noses, and who don't like being taken for granted while you play footsie with a party that is anathema to all they hold dear. We have to ask ourselves if a Democrat could be much worse - at least Pocchia is consistent, and true to his core beliefs, such as they are.

You? Well, maybe not so much. You're either being disingenuous by accepting the WFP endorsement, or disingenuous by calling yourself a Republican. I can hardly see any middle ground.

Is pulling the lever for whichever candidate is NOT endorsed by the WFP an impossible thing for Republican voters? I'm curious to know the answer. Are you?

Some acts of political expediency can be swept under the rug, some cannot. This one cannot

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Day That Can Only Be Described As Inspiring.

Rev C.L. Bryant, from Shreveport, Louisiana speaks to America on 9/12 in Washington, DC.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"You Lie!"

Yesterday, before a joint session of Congress, the Fearmonger-In-Chief took to his bully pulpit for the 112th time, in another attempt to sell his health care program to the American people. This is a piece of legislation that, if it were expressed in oil paint, would resemble a Jackson Pollock original.

Informed Americans realize that this is no more about health care than Cap-and-Trade was about global warming; it is merely a manufactured crisis designed to scare us into expanding the powers of the federal government - yet again. Of course, credit must be given to the spirit and innate intelligence of Americans everywhere, since Obama's poll numbers show that he is fooling fewer and fewer of us each and every day

The rate at which the President of the United States has spent his political capital rivals the rate at which he's spent us into trillions of dollars of debt; it can only be described as dizzying.

But more importantly, he continues to burnish his credentials as a man who has only a passing and fanciful acquaintance with the truth. That he dissembles so easily and breezily is a testament to the man's oratorical skills, though that particular facility is not one we usually look for in a leader of any kind, let alone the leader of the free world. But he sure can tell a whopper. Sort of Clinton-esque, but without the likability.

Last night's effort was a mother-lode of such gems - if you found yourself sputtering with indignation early and often, you were in plenty of good company. One after the other they came, these pearls before swine: waste and fraud will be eliminated from Medicare; the plan will not add "one dime" to the deficit; only 5% of Americans will be on the government plan, and so on and so on.

Finally, after President Obama put on his best poker face and said that illegal aliens would absolutely NOT be covered under his plan, and when he could stand it no longer, Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) channeled the disbelief and frustration of millions of viewers, blurting out the words, "YOU LIE!" in a moment so priceless I must offer it to you here and now:

Go ahead. Play it again. And this time, pay particular attention to the expression on Nancy Pelosi's face: she's shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you! Here, indeed, is a moment to rival Rick Santelli's plaintive and angry cry, "Are you listening, President Obama? Do you hear us?"

Of course, Wilson has since dutifully apologized and issued his mea culpa. But the damage has so deliciously been done; I relish the moment.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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